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Adoptable Bunnies

Our Netherland Dwarf Bunnies
💗 Pricing INCLUDES deposit to reserve and starter pellets to transition.   Approx 1.5- 3.5lbs full grown, smallest rabbit breed.     

Click my photo to learn about me, see more pics, my birthdate, furrever home ready dates & details.💗💗

Our Dwarf Bunny Litters


Click my photo to see my birthday, parents names, and more pics of me growing up with details.


New! simple online reservation system for $250 deposit to confirm successful reservation of your Cutest Bunny with confirmation!  

If you prefer to reserve by etransfer

Baby Bunny


Click your favourite bunny's photo for more pics from newborn to growing up. 

My Birthday >> click my photo to find out! 

Pick going home date when you reserve!  

Porch style pickup in Stouffville 

Happy Children with Easter Eggs


Bunnies love being in pairs and enjoy the companionship of humans/ or another bunny, recommended if human family works long hours away from home!

Bunny pair right for you?

We recommend spay/ neuter for a bunny pair. 


Checkout the going home date options, birthday, gender (if we know), pricing and all the details for each bunny by clicking "About Me"

To Reserve

How to Reserve?

1. Reservation countdown clock hits 'Reservations Are Open'!


2. What bunny/ies is your favourite from our litter photos?

Select "About Me >>" button to view more pictures, details, select pickup time and enter payment details.


3. Choose pickup going home date from options, enter any special details, then click "RESERVE NOW>>".


4. Optional - You can then select supplies or a second baby bunny if you would like a pair (limit is two bunnies per family).


5. Checkout and payment de