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How much do you need on average to maintain having a bunny?

Thank you so much for this question we have received from potential bunny furrever homes!

The monthly bunny cost are made up of: the bunny's diet (hay and pellets), bedding for the bottom of the cage (if that is your preference too) any other toys, treats or fun things you want for your bunny.

Cutest Bunnies now offer supplies if you are local and want to support us. Our hay is definitely a favourite of many Toronto bunnies with our locally sourced goodness!

  • Large Pellets lasts over half a year $40

  • Large Hay lasts 1-2 months or longer $30

  • Large Bedding lasts 20-30 cage changes $30, most change weekly for their bunny

Approximately $20 a month depending on how frequently you change the cage and where you purchase supplies.

hay, pellets, bedding

Visit our Supplies & Nutrition for food, hay, pellets and bedding pictures with sizing.

We also have our favourites at our Amazon Shop.

Checklist for Cutest Bunnies Ready

We are excited to offer the Cutest Bunnies Essential Kit at a competitive price with all the necessary items to get your new furry friend started, fresh and local.

Veterinary Care

Netherland dwarfs are considered small animals and are under the weight limit for typical vaccines based on our experience (we are not vets).

Veterinary care if you decide to get your bunny/'s neutered or spayed the cost varies depending on the vet and area you live in. Neuter is a less invasive procedure with generally less risks to the bunny so the cost runs less then a spay for females. Some of our furrever homes choose to spay/ neuter and others have preferred to not have the bunny undergo the procedure.

Cost of veterinary care and if you choose to go to the groomer for nails versus DIY should be considered.

Stay tuned for a future post on weighing the risks versus benefits of spay and neuter for one bunny and a home with more than one bunny!

Have fun preparing and counting the days down until your Cutest Bunny comes to your home. We can’t wait to see your pictures and staying connected!

Cutest Bunnies does not offer any professional veterinary medical advice, but rather based on our many years of experience. We recommend to contact a veterinary, allergy specialist or medical professional for advice from qualified experts.

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