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Allergies and Bunnies! What you need to know...

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

What if I am allergic? Can we visit to see if we are allergic?
I was allergic before... but I really want a bunny!

Home = I strongly believe "home" is more than where the heart is. Home is to be a safe place where we are healthy, happy, supported and loved.

A furrever home is where a bunny will be loved, cared for and given the diet and environment they require. Bunnies need hay and pellets as well as bedding for their litter.

Key Takeaway's
  1. If you or your loved ones may have allergies to animals and/ or bunnies or their supplies (hay, pellets and bedding) should you adopt?

    1. Home is to be a safe place for both humans and Cutest Bunnies, not recommended.

  2. What if we are allergic to Cutest Bunnies or want to see if we are allergic?

    1. Seek a professional allergy specialist for testing in advance to arriving at Cutest Bunnies or reserving a Cutest Bunny.

Be responsible for your health and safety and your families before making a commitment.

Our goal with Cutest Bunnies is to spread furry love, cuteness and companionship.

It is my worst nightmare for someone to have an allergic reaction and be put in harms way that is why we DO NOT and WILL NOT permit visits for the testing of allergies at Cutest Bunnies or outings off site. Your safety is to important to us!

Myths I have received regarding allergies

  • There is a hypo-allergenic breed of rabbits that is good with kids - MYTH

  • Shorter fur versus longer fur is better for allergies - MYTH

  • Netherland dwarf are the smallest rabbit breed - Truth

  • Bunnies can live without hay and pellets and be on an alternative diet to help with my allergies - MYTH

  • If you are allergic to dogs and cats you are automatically allergic to bunnies - MYTH

  • It is bunnies saliva some people are allergic to and other people it is fur and dander - Truth allergies we have heard can differ (seek allergy specialist)

We absolutely love the companionship and love our Cutest Bunnies bring to others and would love for you to be a furrever home. Please remember your health and health of loved ones is very important to us too. Be safe and if a bunny is right for you then hop over to our adopt page to learn more about being a furrever home!

Cutest Bunnies does not offer any professional medical advice, but rather based on our many years of experience. We recommend to contact a veterinary, allergy specialist or medical professional for advice from qualified experts.

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