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Allergies and Bunnies! What you need to know...

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

What if I am allergic? Can we visit to see if we are allergic?
I was allergic before... but I really want a bunny!

Home = I strongly believe "home" is more than where the heart is. Home is to be a safe place where we are healthy, happy, supported and loved.

A furrever home is where a bunny will be loved, cared for and given the diet and environment they require. Bunnies need hay and pellets as well as bedding for their litter.

Key Takeaway's
  1. If you or your loved ones may have allergies to animals and/ or bunnies or their supplies (hay, pellets and bedding) should you adopt?

  2. Home is to be a safe place for both humans and Cutest Bunnies, not recommended.

  3. What if we are allergic to Cutest Bunnies or want to see if we are allergic?