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Litter Pans, Hutches, Chew Toys and Fun!

CB's Recommendations for Future Supplies

Cutest Bunny TIPs! $
Cutest Bunnies are fueled on pellets, hay and bedding from our local famers and feed mill for quality and  freshness. When the mill is short we get these bags of shavings ->
The bags are huge (1 bunny last 1/2 to a full year approx) but so much cheaper than Amazon if you have the space and don't have allergies.
Shavings Peevy Mart.PNG

Our Amazon & Brand Recommendations

To Prepare For Your Cutest Bunny Arrival & Restocking

Hip Hops and Fun!
Our Makinley's Favourite Bunny Books>>
Habitat's & Play Pens
The links to the products above our recommendations to products and feed that we like for Cutest Bunnies.

By clicking and purchasing using our Amazon product links we receive a small referral fee from Amazon.

Every little bit helps us and our bunnies. Thank you! We really appreciate your support and being apart of our Cutest Bunny community. 

***If you would like Cutest Bunny hay, pellets and bedding regularly from us we offer a monthly pickup at our home in Stouffville, ON. The quality and price is superior to Amazon if this is a better option for you.
Let us know!

We do not guarantee or endorse these businesses or products, but offer them to be helpful to our community.
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