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Cutest Bunnies Growing - RESERVED 
 ðŸ’— THANK YOU FOR PICKING ME and Trusting us            Approx 1.5-3.5 lbs full grown, smallest breeds.

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Congratulations on becoming a Cutest Bunnies Furrever Home! - A letter from Michelle & Aaron


Thank you very much for your deposit for early reservation as a Cutest Bunny Insider!


Having a Cutest Bunny join your home is very exciting and special! We are committed to providing you support as you get your home ready and after your Cutest Bunny is settled at your home. Through our experience we have developed recommendations to provide you with on how to best care for your furry friends, keeping them healthy and happy.



Watch your Cutest Bunny Grow!

I will send you a link to view updated pictures of your baby bunny’s growth journey, until going home day.


Note: Our website allows 10 pictures maximum so as I run out of space online to upload updates I will delete the earlier baby pictures week after week. Feel free to save the photos for your safe keeping so you have them furrever!



Next steps to get us hopping!

1. I will be sending pickup details with maps and COVID social distancing information the week of your pickup by email.

With COVID-19 restrictions we are offering 'porch style' pickup (no vaccination proof requirement) of our bunnies in accordance with regulations while ensuring the safety of the bunnies with the cold temperatures. Pickup is at our home in Stouffville, ON.                     


2. Would you like a regular starter kit with your Cutest Bunny so you have all the essentials for $85 or supplies? Let us know one week before going home day home so we can prepare everything in advance. Thanks!



Cutest Bunnies Ready Checklist:


We are excited to offer the Cutest Bunnies Essential Kit at a competitive price with all the necessary items to get your new furry friend started, fresh and local.


Cutest Bunnies Essential Kit Includes $85:

  • Rabbit Starter Kit (cage, food dish, ramp, second floor, and a water bottle)

    • Regular Size =28 L x 17 W x 15.5 H (inches) OR 71 L x 43 W x 40 H (cm) OR

    • Large Size + $25 = 40 L X 17 W X 20 H (inches) OR 101 L X 43W X 51 H (cm) ***needed for two bunnies

  • Local fresh hay, pellets and natural softwood shaving bedding.


Please kindly let us know prior to your Cutest Bunny going home if you would like a Cutest Bunnies Essential Kit Regular or Large Size.


Other Nice to Have’s

  • Litter Tray

  • Toys and other Accessories you would like

  • Hutch/ Hut (especially if there are other pets in you home)


Visit our   Supplies & Nutrition for food, hay, pellets and bedding. We also have our favourites at our Amazon Shop.



A few recommendations when bringing your Cutest Bunny home:


  • When your Cutest Bunny arrives home they may sit and observe in their cage for some time (up to a few hours) before they begin enjoying hay, pellets, water and cuddles. This is their way of observing and getting comfortable in their new home!

  • We recommend 45 minute intervals holding your Cutest Bunny and then return them to their space so they can relieve themselves to ensure they know they will get an opportunity to go to the bathroom. We have practiced with them before they go to their forever home with intervals. By maintaining their training this will support your Cutest Bunny as they try to hold off on having accidents outside of their cage.

  • We recommend no fruit or vegetables until your Cutest Bunny is 3 months’ old when they can better digest the sugars.

  • When holding your Cutest Bunny support their back two feet to make them feel secure (rather than them feeling like they may be falling).