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Hopping Home: Bringing your bunny rabbit home on adoption day or to a new environment.

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The first day you bring your bunny home remember they have a quiet voice,
but here is some things they would love to share.

Remember that feeling on your first day of school,

when everything is new?

Do you still remember the 1st person who showed you around, ate lunch with you and made you feel welcome? 'I do like yesterday' and am soo grateful for Amanda.

My wish is your bunny feels instantly loved, reassured with confidence and not left alone.

You can show me love by picking me up with confidence and comforting me (15-20 min) then let me explore my new home ….and then repeat.

I can feel your emotions and am a very intelligent bunny that could even start to learn tricks with your help once I transition home.

Thank you for choosing me to be apart of YOUR furry family!

I am excited to be going home to have very own fan club family.

Taking time to adjust to new environments and other furry friends is common so patience and a calm atmosphere (initially).

I am ready for our adventures together,

for the many years to come.


What your Cutest Bunny's 1st day home or in new environments is really like?

The must DO's and warning signs!

How to pick me up and hold me?

Pet my head nice and softly in a corner of my space and watch as I relax.

Then pick me up gently around my tummy (support shoulder with index finger) and place me on a lap or secure arm where my back two feet are well supported.

  • If you find my nails sharp place a blanket down on your lap first before holding me so we build confidence and comfort together.

    • You can trim my nails with a curled nail clipper too

      • Warning: NOT flat human nail clippers to trim my nails as this will result in injury.

  • Rabbits in the wild live in boroughs, this instinct will make me often enjoy having my nose snuggled behind your elbow if I am sitting on your arm or cuddle under a blanket or even your long hair.... if you let me.

  • Cuddle me for increments of about 30 -45 minutes and then ensure I get access to food, water and to relieve myself to avoid unwanted surprises on your lap. If I seem squirmy when I am usually not.. I may need to goo so help me find my litter spot please for a few minutes.

"If your confident and hold me with care, the more confident I will be!"
– Michelle @ Cutest Bunnies

What I do and do not eat for my diet?

Every day give me a large handful of fresh dry hay, a bowl filled with rabbit pellets and a dish of fresh water (water bottle is backup only).

Rabbit Pellets to eat daily
Bedding for litter and resting to be freshened & replaced.
Fresh hay to eat daily

Kindy no fruit, vegetables, or treats until I’m over 3 months’ old and can better digest sugars.

  • Small amounts of sweets only! I am a dwarf petite bunny so please be mindful you don't tempt me with too many sweets that I can't say no too.

    • Warning: If my stool gets loose, then please feed me hay, pellets and water only giving my tummy an opportunity to rebalance.

  • Leafy greens like spinach and lettuce are best over sweet fruits like banana and strawberries. Always make sure the treats, veggies and fruit you are serving me are bunny safe and not poisonous to me, although they may not be poisonous to you.

Did you know it is normal for me to observe and possibly take hours to start eating when first arriving home?

Kindly give me a couple days to adjust before introducing other furry family members who are already at home.

For more tips on how to introduce me to a bunny or other furry friend hop over to Bunny Prepared FAQ.

Do I Thump like Thumper in Bambi?

I may thump when I first meet them or hear other unfamiliar sounds to announce my territory. Yes, this is why the bunny in Bambi is called Thumper!

thumping rabbit

Tinfoil and plastic bag sounds can cause me to spook with not being able to judge where the sound is coming from. This is a natural instinct, feel free to comfort me or help me adjust to the sounds depending on where my home is located in your house.

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more hippity hop to Bunny Prepared FAQ and other blog posts to.

Thank you for reading so we have the best first day together!

“Home is where you feel at home and are treated well. ”– Leo Christopher


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