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Supplies & Nutrition Order Request

Contactless curbside pickup at Woodbine and Bloomington, in Stouffville ON (L4A 2G9).  

Special thanks to our reoccurring customers who love the countryside drive, right off the highway. Stay safe!

What can we get ready for you to pickup?
05:00 PM
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we will get it ready for you. 

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Timothy Hay Starter

Sourced from local farmer.

Fresh green, crisp hay perfect for bunnies and small animals.



Bunny Pellets Large

Balance of protein, fiber, essential nutrients and alfalfa. 25 KG   



Starter Bunny

Starter hay, pellets and bedding.



Timothy Hay Large

Fresh hay for 1 to 2 months supply, possibly longer.




Natural softwood shaving bedding for litter and base of cage/ habitat for 3 cages.



Bunny Essentials Large

Large hay, pellets and bedding months supply.  



Fresh Bunny Pellets

Nutrition for all ages, with the vitamins and minerals needed to live to the fullest.  



Bedding Large

Premium natural softwood shavings for 20 to 30 cages.  



Starter Cage

28 L x 17 W x 15.5 H (inches)

OR 71 L x 43 W x 40 H (cm)

includes food dish, ramp, second floor level, water bottle.      $70

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