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How much do you need on average to maintain having a bunny?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Thank you so much for this question we have received from potential bunny furrever homes!

The monthly bunny cost are made up of: the bunny's diet (hay and pellets), bedding for the bottom of the cage (if that is your preference too) any other toys, treats or fun things you want for your bunny.

Cutest Bunnies now offer supplies if you are local and want to support us. Our hay is definitely a favourite of many Toronto bunnies with our locally sourced goodness!

  • Large Pellets lasts over half a year $40

  • Large Hay lasts 1-2 months or longer $30

  • Large Bedding lasts 20-30 cage changes $30, most change weekly for their bunny

Approximately $20 a month depending on how frequently you change the c