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Is a Cutest Bunny the right pet for you... or your family for a Cutest Bunny?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

We both know relationships are two way and with bunnies it's just the same. Hoping this helps to answer the many questions from year's of experience I receive most commonly!

One bunny or a pair? Other pet friendly? Indoor only or outdoors? Diet and allergies? Kid friendly? Maintenance workload?

Cutest Bunnies are social furry friends! Enjoying human and furry friend company.

Cutest Bunnies love love love to socialize as they have been interacting with humans at a very early age! They love socializing with other bunnies as most Cutest Bunnies are raised with siblings. Socializing with your bunny daily as you watch a movie, relax and cuddle! Remember to share the cuteness with pics and video clips of your Cutest Bunny! Bunnies love being in pairs and enjoy the companionship of another bunny! We recommend spaying or neutering if you are getting a bunny pair to reduce the risk of one bunny being territorial over the other once their hormones come into play. We have Cutest Bunnies that live as the only bunny and with lots of human interaction do wonderfully!

Indoors vs Outdoors consistent temperatures preferred without exposure to our chilly winter's as we are dwarf