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Everything To Get Your Cutest Bunny Started!

Cutest Bunnies Essential Kit

We are excited to offer the Cutest Bunnies Essential Kit at a competitive price with all the necessary items to get your new furry friend started, with feed and bedding fresh from our local farmers.

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Cutest Bunnies Essential Items Kit Includes:

  • Rabbit Starter Kit

    • cage

      • Regular & Large size available

        • Regular =30 in L x 16.9 in W x 16 in H

          • OR 71 cm L x 43 cm W x 40 cm H

    • food dish

    • ramp

    • second floor level

    • water bottle

  • Travel Kennel

  • Jogging Harness with Leash 

    • Red, Lime or Purple​

  • Local timothy hay 

  • Fresh pellets

  • Natural softwood shaving bedding 


$50 savings when you purchase a Cutest Bunny and a Cutest Bunnies Essential Kit together.

Items can be purchased separately.

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