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Bunny Hangout

1 hours of bunny love & fun

Great for young kids, fun with friends, or special date.

Furry Friend Party

3 hours of bunny heaven


Comes with the  opportunity to have a visit from two special furry friend guests!

Great for parties (6+ guests), events, bachelorette's, and corporate.

Events & Party Bookings

Cutest Bunnies as guests to your special event offers many photo opportunities with a chance to spend quality time with mature and baby furry friends.


Host your Cutest Bunnies party at the our country estate located in Uxbridge, ON.


Contact us by special requests to come to your event location.

CB Country Estate: gorgeous setting for outdoor or indoor events, scenic view, photo spots, bunny play areas, bonfires, and a private unique party setting.

  • Children Birthday Parties​

  • Sweet 16!

  • Bachelorette Parties (bonfire, relaxation and accommodations, inquire)

  • Proposals

  • Girls Day!

  • Charity Events

  • Corporate Bookings

  • Birthday Parties those of us getting younger lol

  • Bunny heaven for all bunny lovers!

Cutest Bunny Party Benefits

  • Quiet Furry Friends that aren't scary!

  • Bring your own food or picnic for the event

  • Less mess and a gorgeous venue

  • Safe, clean, with lots of fun

  • Selfie photo moments for Snapchat

  • Unique experience with flexibility to design your special day

  • Personalized & quality service

  • Great for young ones and those who are young at heart 

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Cutest Bunny Party Ideas

Few photo ideas, courtesy of Pinterest.


21 Kids N Bunnies

The children had an absolutely amazing time with the little bunnies. They did not want to leave and even the small ones liked the calm temperament and soft fur.

Sweet 16 Geo-code Scavenger Hunt

Thank you! Thank you for making my daughter's birthday so special. 

They wanted to bring all the bunnies home. The final hunt destination was perfect.

Twins Bunny Hangout

Loved Michelle's introduction to the bunnies and explaining her furry friends to the twins. Great learning experience and so many photo moments!

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