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Adoptable Bunnies

Our Cutest Bunnies Dwarf Litter
Nest Update: Our Netherland Dwarf Reservations will be June 26th at 12pm, Going home date will be July 10, 2021!
Pics comming soon

Reserved Litter Going Home Saturday May 29th
Birthday April 11/21
Porch style pickup for COVID-19 Requirements  $150 deposit

Amelia - Krista
$400- Netherland Dwarf
Olivia Blondy - Ying Lee
$450- Netherland Dwarf
Mia - Thomas Ada
$400 Netherland Dwarf
Noah - Sydney
$375- Netherland Dwarf

Hey! Bunny Lovers

🐰❤️ #netherlanddwarf #bunnylove

Visit Instagram for videos and updates! 

Growing Up Pics taken May 1/21

Baby Pics taken April 24/21

Genders not guaranteed as bunnies its to early & tricky to tell until 5 weeks minimum. 

$375- Netherland Dwarf

How to Reserve?

1. Reservation countdown clock hits 'Reservations Are Open'!

2. What bunny/ies is your favourite from our litter photos?

    If the bunny is not marked as RESERVED it is available!

3. To reserve etransfer deposit of $150 per bunny to

     or drop off a cash deposit.

Kindly note in your etransfer notes or by email or phone (416-455-1357 text or call) the name/s of the bunny/ies you are reserving. Feel free to note if you have a second choice! If your preferred bunny is reserved your second choice will be considered or a immediate refund depending on your preference. Ensure you have read adoption details prior to sending deposit.

4. Receive a CB confirmation with a photo of your bunny/ies. 

5. Arrange a time for you to bring your bunny home (pickup or delivery) within 24 hours of the going home date.

To ensure fairness to everyone we reserve based on first deposit ($150) to


Our Cutest Bunnies are popular in demand as they are socialized at a young age and are the cutest!

Over the past 6 years we have been blessed to have our bunnies participate with bunny therapy & education, become Instagram Stars and been models for filming sets & photoshoots!

To Reserve
Cutest Bunnies Adoption Details


1.    Bunnies will be ready to go home on Saturday, July 10th.

With COVID-19 we are offering  'porch style' pickup of our bunnies in accordance with regulations while ensuring the safety of the bunnies with the cold temperatures. Pickup is at our home in Stouffville, ON.                                            

Cutest Bunnies reserves the right to allow your bunny to stay with mom longer than 7-8 weeks if deemed necessary for the better of the bunnies health. Cutest Bunnies will provide a refund and withhold a bunny if it chooses that your home is not suitable for a Cutest Bunnies.

2.    Cutest Bunnies can live 8-10 years we kindly ask you to ensure you and your loved ones are ready for the commitment.. Bunnies gender cannot be determined until they are at least 5 weeks of age. We are very accurate at determining gender after our years of experience but do not offer a gender guarantee as it can be difficult for both us and vets to be accurate.

3.    Deposits are non-refundable, unless a deposit has been sent and the bunny has already been reserved or something happens to the bunny in our care prior to leaving (based on first deposit to ensure fairness). Sales are final.

4.    Bunnies are adopted to pet homes only unless you are an approved breeder with a contract arrangement in advance.

5.    When you meet us or our delivery partner to welcome your bunny home the remaining balance is due.

6.   Please read Bunny Prepared FAQ and complete research on caring for a dwarf bunny prior to reserving.

7.    We are committed to supporting our Cutest Bunnies through their transition and would love to stay connected!

By sending a deposit you are agreeing to the conditions of adoption. Please kindly note the bunny name highlighted you would like to reserve with your first, second and third choice along with your contact information (name, email and phone number). Thank  you!

Confirmation will be sent upon deposit being received with your bunny/ies photo. 

No holds, we reserve based on first deposit ($150) to or in person only. 

Visit Instagram, Facebook or YouTube for more updates!


Forever Home FAQ's

Delivery/ Pickup

With current COVID restrictions porch style pickup is required.

We accommodate forever homes within Ontario only at this time. We love our American followers and out of province but with COVID this presents travel challenges.

Stay Connected

We love staying connected to our forever homes through social media and have seen many of our bunnies become Instafamous and featured on TikTok.


Friendliness and personality is not a price determinant as the bunnies are know for their social and cuddly traits at Cutest Bunnies.


Price is based on how rare the colour is for Cutest Bunnies.

Choosing Your Cutest Bunny

Visit our Instagram and Facebook for stories of bunnies in their forever homes and video's of the bunnies growing & hoping from nest until now.

Unfortunately, our website does not accommodate a lot of videos without making it super slow so we post via social!

Why A

Reservation Date?

A few reasons!

  • To ensure our baby bunnies are hip hoping & achieving their development milestones

    • like opening their eyes, hoping, eating solid foods

  • Colour and markings are developed.

    • Did you know bunnies are born without fur initially!

  • Our best effort to ensure fairness to all our interested forever homes

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