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Blue Grey Netherland Dwarf - $300


(includes reservation deposit)

Birthday: Nov 5, 2022

Parents: Mom - Bramble (netherland dwarf) and Dad - Magic Mike (netherland dwarf)

About the parents: Bramble is a super mama and has had the largest litters in Cutest Bunnies history with 6 babies in 2020. Bramble was born from one of first mama's Cally who we loved and adored until she left us at 9 years old. Bramble has a laid back personality with a chestnut coat where her calico coloured mama was a bit more active and enjoyed running around. Bramble has visited daycare to spread bunny cuteness and brought smiles to many over the years. Magic Mike has a special place in our hearts (so hard to not have favourites) as he was bred from our first mama Dancer and father Summer that had the best personalities being so loving, gentle and caring to both the old and young friends and family. Magic Mike has a gorgeous grey blue colouring and snow otter tummy resembles perfectly his mama's Dancer he has her very calm demeanor and enjoys chilling.


Gender is best determined at 3 months of age and no earlier than 5 weeks, no gender guarantees.

💗 Going Home Date Choices: Sun Dec 18@2-4pm or Fri Dec 23 @5-7pm


Cutest Bunny Total (balance due on going home day): $300 (incl deposit)
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