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Our Cutest Bunny Story!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Cutest Bunnies all started with Summer and Dancer to gorgeous Netherland dwarf bunnies that Aaron gifted me as he was leaving me behind to attend Canadian Forces military training over a couple months. These two cuddled me and gave me the comfort ... then I quickly realized they were more than just brightening my world but those around me in a truly magical way!

Over the past 8 years the impact we have had to spread love, affection and show others how to care for these most incredible tiny furry friends has been beyond incredible and we are sooo very blessed. We so love spreading their knowledge and passion for our dwarf bunny family with little to elderly people making their days brighter with cuteness and love.

Our Journey

We love ensuring our bunnies are held and cared for at the highest standard from the nest until they are ready for their furrever homes. With the support of loved ones and years of experience the bunnies are socialized and have incredibly cuddly and often curious personalities.

The bunnies have been throughout our journey being apart of our engagement photos, birth announcement, maternity photos, 1st birthday photos of our daughter and so many other incredible milestones. The bunnies have taught us and our daughter so much and challenged us to find calmness and peace in the busyness of life.

Hobby or Full-Time Question Answered!

Is Cutest Bunnies your full time job?! Oh my goodness... this is the cutest and most often question about us I receive all the time. I have been asked by young and not-so young bunny lovers with even some little ones assuming it is then wanting to know how to do this when they grow up. Living in the Greater Toronto Area where we grew up our bunny hobby doesn't allow us the dream to make Cutest Bunnies our full time occupation.

We love love love the bunnies and this is our passion hobby that has brought us the opportunity to help others, educate and most importantly make the world a little brighter.

What's next, what's the future?

Caring and ensuring the baby bunnies are handled as early as safely possible allows them a strong start as pet bunnies. My current goal is to spend more time with the bunnies and less time behind the computer by providing more detailed bunny information through the blog, social media and at so it's readily available for everyone!

Cutest Bunny 2020 Problem

We were disappointing so many people (I know I heard you) making announcing a new litter so stressful knowing people were waiting and simply we did not have enough bunnies for all the dedicated furrever homes waiting. Aaron and I made a decision that we already have all the bunnies we can love and care for here at our home.

I was loosing sleep wondering what to do... brainstorming a multitude of scenarios, debating with Aaron options and knowing we must ensure our standard of care is attained with full confidence in a long-term relationship to get the right partners. We are so very grateful for the patience of our Cutest Bunny community that have been along this journey with us as we ensure all bunnies are hand raised with quality genes and traits.

Look out for Precious Bunnies in the future!

netherland dwarf Cutest Bunny partners
Precious Bunnies

With the helping hands of our committed family partner the Evertsen’s that are family friends of 15 years we are hand raising quality dwarf bunnies from our family to your furrever home.

Keep a special lookout for Precious Bunnies in the description of our little bunnies in the near future! The Netherland dwarfs are Cutest Bunnies hand selected receiving high quality care, cuddling and most importantly love during their growth & development.

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